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What expectations should you have in your life? (and Zoolander 2)

Last weekend I got the chance to watch the incredible masterpiece that is Zoolander 2. Ah, yes, Derek and Hansel are back at it again, taking the fashion world by storm with a magnificent display of courage, skills, and intellectually stimulating humor.



Just kidding.

The movie isn’t great – most people would say the reviews and Rotten Tomatoes score are not far off. And this could’ve been a huge bummer… but just one thing: I definitely didn’t go to Zoolander 2 to see a cinematic classic.

I mean, did anyone have high expectations when watching Zoolander 2?


One thing I’ve started learning is that your expectations can make or break a relationship, event, anything.

As someone who is a bit sensitive to surroundings, I’ve always set high expectations for the people and places around me. (Growing up obsessing over Hollywood films with happily-ever-afters did not help my case.) I’m easily disappointed when I build a scenario up in my head – how I think something should be – and it doesn’t work out. Which is a lot of pressure to put on everybody involved, including myself.

Overall, I do truly believe the highest majority of people in the world have good intentions for themselves, the people around them, and the space they’re occupying. Sometimes complicated problems and feelings can get in the way of these good intentions, but that doesn’t mean kindness isn’t there below the surface.

Because nobody’s perfect. So if you want to keep someone in your life, you have to be prepared to take them, and hold onto them, as they are. This may mean working through how frustrating your parents can be. Or putting up with your partner’s annoying habits. Or understanding friends sometimes hurt, but then forgive, each other.

One thing I’d like to work on is adjusting myself and seeing new people and places as they are, not off of some idealistic expectation I have. If someone can do this, then they can work on improving their everyday relationships and situations in a realistic manner.

But some people, or places, or events you witness are going to be the Zoolander 2‘s of your life. Nothing to take seriously… and then others may be The Revenant‘s of your life. Either way, take them as they are. (Or, hell, you can decide you don’t want them in your life. No one’s being forced to watch any movie.)


On the way to Zoolander 2, I easily expected to walk out of the theater saying, “It was chill watching Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson run around in costumes for two hours. What’s next?”

You know what you’re getting yourself into with the movie. Not a lot of sense (but plenty of repeat jokes), weird and overplayed characters, some hot girls, and a pointless plot that only exists as a platform for the silliness of it all. I personally really enjoyed the sequel and have been recommending it to fellow Zoolander fans. But I can confidently say the filmmakers were not preparing for an Oscar nomination.

And that’s okay.

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