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Make me fulfill my resolutions this year

A new year is here, so it’s time for all of us to consider being better people once again through a tradition called “New Year’s Resolutions.” This tradition mainly consists of hordes of people (me) crowding the gyms, attempting to avoid chips, and saying “New year, new me” (also me) for a month. Then society goes back to it’s regular course, and the world is in balance once again.

All jokes aside, I really do like New Year’s, making goals, and focusing on personal growth. So I do make resolutions, and take them seriously for about, two weeks. And then I forget they ever existed.

So here’s something new – maybe if I write my resolutions online, I can be held accountable to them in 11 months. And maybe, just maybe, it’ll actually make a difference.

  1. Read one book a month. Every person I’ve shared this resolution with has responded with, “Sounds doable.” I agree. It should be doable. Really. In a perfect world. But do people know how difficult it is to get an ENTIRE BOOK READ once a month?! And I love reading, but I constantly forget about it in-between work and busy weekends. And then I’m like, “Oops, I started Gut about seven months ago, will I ever learn all there is to know about constipation?”
  2. Volunteer. Volunteering has been a weirdly difficult mission for me. Last year I contacted several animal shelters and other organizations around the area for the chance to volunteer, and not one has gotten back to me yet. Can I please just help your kittens?
  3. Find a new hobbyThis is pretty straight-forward. I am determined to try something new this year (preferably a physical activity) with the hopes that I’ll find a new passion.
  4. Continue gymming and healthy eating. Not gonna lie, I’ve had a pretty good gym routine going for awhile. And I’m not perfect, but I usually prefer and pick healthy eating choices (possibly a huge benefit of growing up with parents who had strict food rules). Stay with me forever, healthy habits!
  5. Think of a plan for the years to come. This is intimidating to me, as I have a hard time planning so far ahead. But I don’t want to find myself at age 40, feeling like I’ve spent my life floating. However, I think I’d feel okay if I break this resolution this year. There are many more years to come. And finally…
  6. Do NaNoWriMo this year. NO BACKING DOWN THIS TIME.

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